Announcing New Raft and Color!

The Microburst 10.5 is here! New from our Cat line, it is engineered to excel in compact and quick to maneuver and travel, amplifying your adventures in confined waterways.

Spanning a mere 10.5 feet with 19-inch tubes, it’s tailor-made for nimble navigation. Designed to raft with a petite frame, envision an internal width of 28-30″ and about 60″ in length.  This offers a perfectly snug fit for your gear. Recommended to boat with 7.5-8-foot oars, it is primed for technical moves and responsiveness.  Finally, weighing just 44 pounds, these tubes are effortlessly transportable, perfect for seamless airline journeys. These rafts also show off one of our new colorways: CLOUD. Venture forth and redefine the boundaries of exploration with The Microburst.

Limited quantities are available in mid-June.

This year, we’re introducing a fresh color option for select models: SAND! This exclusive color for 2024 is now available on the Mini Max, Max 12, and the Pro Series.

With limited availability, make sure to secure your reservation for the new Hyside raft color today!

We are always striving to upgrade rafts, gear, and equipment for your river travels. From new Hyside rafts like the Microburst 10.5 Cataraft to river gear like our Guide Spectra throw bag system, thwart case, customizable frame options, and our Pro Helmet for outfitters we love new and improved gear. It takes time to test and implement products to make sure they are the best quality.

We hope you enjoy what’s new in the rafting and gear lineup this 2024 river season!


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