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The Sawyer Cobra Oar Lock is quite simply the best whitewater oarlock available. Proven by whitewater professionals throughout the world, Cobras enhances performance and usability, with extra range of motion for stand-up rowing, close-in sculling and more elevation to avoid hazards and obstacles.

  • Specially formulated bronze alloy used in marine grade propellers, clamps and rudders
  • High tensile strength and corrosion resistance result in a heavy-duty extremely durable oarlock
  • Eases the ability to perform more advanced rowing techniques with less fatigue
  • Extra wide horns spread out the load bearing area and reduce stress on the oar and lock
  • Elongated oval opening gives you an additional 10-15 degrees of vertical range
  • Oar maintains contact with the sidewalls of the lock for a secure fit
  • Allows free rotation for sculling and in-water recovery strokes
  • Tough hammered finish helps limit the oar’s tendency to slip to the stop
  • Can be fine-tuned to fit almost any oar size and stop style
  • Threaded with a lock-nut keeper to reduce play
  • Sold individually


Sawyer’s “Super Strong” traditional “A” type open oar lock is made from the same super-duty bronze alloy as the Cobra Oar Lock with a more standard design. This specially formulated “Mag 70” high strength bronze alloy is chosen for its high tensile strength and corrosion resistance, resulting in a super heavy-duty oar lock that is extremely durable. The open horn design allows for full range of motion and adapting on the fly to changing water conditions. These oar locks can also be fine-tuned for a precise fit.

  • Mag 70 high strength bronze
  • Traditional “A” style horns
  • Tunable
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Sawyer Cobra Oarlock, Sawyer Super Strong Oarlock