Floor Lacing Instruction

Instructions – Double Lace Webbing Through Holes

  1. A. Start by selecting four lengths of webbing (lengths depend on boat size. See example below). Use tubular webbing because it can wear on one side and you’ll still have the other side to wear through.
    • 144HSB = 12’X4 (48′ Total)
    • 156HSB = 14’X4 (56′ Total)
    • 164HSB = 18’X4 (72′ Total)
    • 166HSB = 22’X4 (88′ Total)
  2. B. Cut webbing at 45 degree angle, making it easier to thread through to grommet holes.
  3. C. Next, burn the end of webbing to prevent fraying.Note: Standing the raft on both sides will make it easy access to both sides. Have about one pound of pressure in the floor (1/2 inflated)
  4. D. Start lacing webbing by tying a loop at one end.Note: Avoid twists in webbing; this will make it harder to pull through grommets. It is much easier if you have two people on either side to pass webbing through. No need to have webbing too tight when putting through the first time (when you get to Step #3 on floor diagram, you’ll see why you don’t want to tighten the webbing through the grommets otherwise).
  5. E. After Steps 1-4 outlined on floor diagram have been completed, you will need to go back to Step #1 and tighten the lacing. One Grommet hole at a time, same all the way around the boat, making sure there is no slack in the webbing.Note: Soak webbing in water prior to lace-tightening, this will prevent stretching later.
  6. F. To tie the loose ends, you’ll need to pass the end from Step #3 through the loop of Step #4. Next, do the same for Step #2 (pass the end of Step #2 through the loop of Step #1). Next you’ll need to do the same in the opposite direction (The end of Step #4 through the loop of Step #3 and the end of Step #1 through the loop of step #2).

After the above steps have been completed you’ll be able to complete a final tightening of the webbing. Place a knot in the end. This knot should be one that you are able to untie at a later time for readjustments. With the remaining loose ends (1ft. is sufficient) use half hitches to prevent it from hanging loose.