Replacement Floors


Replace your tired floor with a fresh one from HYSIDE. Here’s the rundown on how to order a new HYSIDE floor. HYSIDEs are entirely handmade, so measurements of floors and thwarts can vary. To be sure your new floor will fit, read this entirely prior to ordering!

First, take four measurements of the floor you’re replacing, making sure the floor is DEFLATED. The mattress (inflated portion) length and width, as well as the overall length and width (flange).

Next choose from the list below to find the size range for your boat.

At the checkout page, let us know the measurements you have, the valve type (MMV or Leafield), the color floor you’re requesting and the attachment type. Older HYSIDEs were equipped with grommeted lace-in floors and most HYSIDEs built after 2000 were attached floors (glued in). We recommend going with Leafield valves when replacing floors, but we understand if you want to keep your older HYSIDE retro!

New floors are equipped with a new inflation valve, pressure release valve and a rectangular cut flange so it can be trimmed to fit during installation. We can advise trusted repair shops that can install for you. Grommets and webbing are sold separately.

If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can build it for you. Keep in mind there’s usually a 4-6 month lead time if we aren’t currently building what you need.

As always, call us with any questions!!

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Need more info on boat care and maintenance? Check out our Owner’s Manual here.

Additional information

Floor Size

Single IK, Double IK, Small Raft (Mini-me/Mini-Max), Medium Raft (Outfitter 12.0 – Outfitter/Pro 13.0), Large Raft (Outfitter 14.0 – Pro 16.0), X-Large Raft (Pro 16.0XT-Pro 20.0)