1″ Blue Water Tubular Nylon Webbing


Pick your favorite color and order the length you need for a flip line, gear rigging, or raft perimeter line.

Tubular nylon webbing. Sold by the linear foot.

Weight: 0.25 lbs

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Soft and pliable, BlueWater™ tubular nylon is an incredibly strong and durable webbing that surpasses and outperforms its standard and mil-spec counterparts. It is a favorite among professional climbers as BlueWater™ “climbing-spec” webbing is both CE and UIAA certified. Tubular webbing is easy to tie into holding knots, but flexible enough to untie—even after being pulled tight. BlueWater™ tubular webbing is also finely woven with a high thread count, for a soft finish that isn’t rough on the hands. This 1 inch hot orange or Purple BlueWater™ tubular nylon has a breaking strength of 4,000lbs, a thickness of ~.08 inches, a melting point of 380°F, and is manufactured in the USA.

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