Bravo BP12, Small Raft and SUP 12V Pump


No way to plug in at the put-in? Have no fear, The Bravo BP12 is a 12 Volt inflator that can do it all and has alligator clips or an attachment for the auxiliary (cigarette lighter) outlet for your vehicle. You can fully adjust the PSI for automatic shutoff, all the way up to 14.5 PSI! No more hand pumping your small Raft, Kayak or SUP, just watch this thing go to work with a PBR in your hand.

-160 Liters/Min

-Pressure gauge dial to select pressure up to 14.5 PSI.

-Automatic Shut-off when selected pressure is reached

-Comes with shoulder bag

-6 ft hose and 10 ft alligator clips

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